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Anyone may file a complaint with the Commission. A complaint must be in writing and should state in as much detail as possible the specific facts about the alleged misconduct or disability. You may use the Commission’s complaint form or you may write a letter. Provide the Commission with as much information as you have about a matter. Please be sure to write:

·         The name of the judge, magistrate or employee who is the subject of your complaint

·         The date or dates of the conduct and related events

·         The place(s) where the conduct occurred

·         The number and name of the case, if applicable, that is connected with your complaint

·         The names and addresses of people who were present when the conduct occurred or who have information about the alleged misconduct or disability

Also, be sure to provide any documents that may support your allegations. Sign the complaint form or letter. 


If the Commission needs additional information, someone representing the Commission will contact you.


Please Note:

The Commission does not have the authority to change a court ruling, decision or order. Nor does the Commission evaluate whether a particular judicial ruling is correct. To contest a court ruling or order, the proper course of action is to appeal to a higher court. If your complaint is about the “correctness” of a judge’s ruling or decision, you should consult with an attorney about whether to file an appeal with a higher court. 

The Commission does not have authority to investigate complaints about administrative law judges or ALJs (executive branch officials who hear disputes concerning the actions of state agencies) or federal judges. For complaints about an administrative law judge contact the Administrative Hearings Division of the Department of Inspections and Appeals at 515.281.6372. For complaints against a federal judge, contact the clerk of the court of appeals for that circuit or applicable national court.

The Judicial Qualifications Commission takes seriously the accessibility of our site to persons with disabilities.
If you have a disability which requires assistance in filing a complaint, please contact this office at (515) 348-4880. We will take reasonable steps to accommodate your needs. 


Executive Secretary

Iowa Judicial Qualifications Commission

1111 East Court Avenue

Des Moines, Iowa 50319

Or email your letter or completed form to: iowajqc@iowacourts.gov

Form is also available to download here.   









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