The Commission's role is to: 

  • Review complaints against judges, magistrates and court employees.

  • Screen and dismiss complaints that appear to be unsubstantiated or groundless.

  • Conduct further investigation of complaints that appear to be substantiated and if proven would be serious enough to warrant application to the supreme court.

  • File a report with the Iowa Supreme Court to inform of situations that call for its action.

The Commission's procedures are designed to:

  • Provide a fair, consistent and effective process for reviewing complaints of unethical conduct against judicial officers and court employees.

  • Ensure that the integrity of the court system, in general, and the reputations of judicial officers and court employees, in particular, are not damaged by false, inaccurate, groundless or frivolous allegations.

  • Ensure that judicial officers and court employees are held accountable to the public for acts of misconduct.

  • Preserve both the integrity and the accountability of Iowa's fair and impartial court system.

Finally, these procedures along with the balanced composition of the Commission help ensure that the Commission will review and act on complaints independently, impartially and justly.